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The Best Tectical Belts and why you should get one for yourself


A tactical belt is also called a survival belt, and they are extremely useful for anyone and everyone. Whatever pre-conceived notions you may have about tactical belts including that they are only for carrying concealed weapons etc. let me tell you that today’s tactical belt comes with great features like a hidden compartment for cash, being made of tough paracord material, having totally abrasion proof straps. They also have ferro rods for starting fires, GPS chips, and hollow compartments within the belt for tools like wire, signaling mirrors, survival pen knife, multi-tools, fishing hooks and other features.


As an everyday person you can use a tactical belt when you are travelling, and as a survivalist it is something that you need to have all the time on you. It is a very essential and basic part of your survival gear. Literally the survival belt or the tactical belt can save your life in some situations.


We will have a look at different kinds of tactical belts and what you should aim for when buying one.


Main types of survival belts


The three main types of survival belts are the leather, webbing and paracord survival belts.


As can be inferred from the names they are all made of different materials and have their own pros and cons attached to that particular material. One word of advice here is that you should not try and go in for a very fancy schmancy special tactical belt, they usually are not as effective when it comes to a crunch. Some of the very fancy features in fact may let you down when you really need them.


Leather Tactical Belts


A natural material, leather will survive many extreme situations, whether you need to make a splint or need to haul something heavy etc. Also it is the only kind of survival tactical belt that can be used as a strop for keeping your other tools sharp. A cool advantage of a leather tactical belt is that it will look fine to wear it to work, but you cannot wear a paracord belt to work, it will look odd. The cons of a leather tactical belt is that eventually water and weather will make it wear out, and it is not as strong as the others, under extreme duress, it will give way whereas the other types will hold out.


Webbing Tactical Belts


Webbing is the material used in military tactical belts, and it is light and very strong. This makes webbing tactical belts very comfortable, however one problem with them is that you have to be careful of their strength before buying one. There are webbing belts that are thin and will have a tensile strength of only 500 to 600 lbs, whereas a slightly better one will tensile strength of 6000 lbs, and it will only be clearly specified in their detailed specifications. Thus you need to look at the specs of webbing tactical belts carefully and check for the tensile strength, the difference can be ten fold or more.


Paracord Tactical Belts


Paracord is the most versatile and most used material in survival gear. The biggest difference between other tactical belts and the paracord tactical belt is that the paracord belt is made of individual threads that are wound together. These threads can be unwound to use as a tripwire, a fishing line, sewing thread and any number of other things. Thus a paracord tactical belt by its very nature is many things in one. Having some tactical gear made of paracord is a good idea, and if not a belt it can even be a bracelet. The cons of paracord tactical survival belts is that it causes chaffing when it is worn with a backpack, and this is a complaint of some people. Also sometimes it has been seen that paracord tactical belts don’t hold up your pants very well. That is a big fail, so you need to be careful when choosing a paracord tactical belt. Keep in mind that you may need to unravel the paracord in an emergency situation and some belts do not facilitate that. Of course they will have to hold up your pants first and foremost.


Now that you know a bit about tactical belts, go ahead and read a tactical belt review here!


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